The following Terms & Conditions are outlined to establish and maintain seamless and productive business between Alex Peters Designs ("Alex Peters") and client. All graphic designs uploaded to this website are the original work of Alex Peters and are protected by applicable copyright and trademark laws.
Business Terms & Conditions are presented to client before commencement of any work, therefore all design processes are carried out with the understanding that the client is in acceptance.

Copyright, Licensing & Ownership
All design materials, including drafts, sketches, and source material remain property of Alex Peters. Final designs/digital images will become client property upon final payment delivery and transferal of final design files.
Final design files are created solely for client addressed in their invoice/quotation. Designs were not copied from any source and are the original work of Alex Peters
Alex Peters reserves the right to display any artwork created for the client in a portfolio as an example of services provided. Requisite commercial/open source licensing is obtained by Alex Peters where applicable.

Payment Policy
All design projects between Alex Peters and client are subject to a 50% down payment prior to commencement of any design work. Clients may choose to pay in full prior to commencement however this is not required.
Remaining balance on invoice must be settled by client prior to transfer of final design files.
In the event that designs have commenced prior to payment, the client understands that full payment will be required prior to final transfer of files, unless agreed otherwise.

Express Delivery: Orders delivered within 24 hours of receipt of final instruction/information are subject to a 50% additional fee based on order sub-total.
Overdue Invoices: Unpaid invoices will attract a 10% additional fee of remaining balance per week after due date.

Turnaround Timeline
Turnaround time for a single service is approx. 5 weekdays after design briefing and down payment receipt.
Variations in aforementioned turnaround timeline may arise as a result of fluctuating workloads. Alex Peters will notify client of new timeline given an occurrence of fluctuating workload.
Larger Projects (Multi-design packages, Print Media, Vehicle Wraps, etc.) Will result in longer turnaround times. An estimated time will be communicated prior to commencement.

Each order is allotted a maximum of two (2) complementary changes/revisions after initial drafts have been presented to client.
If additional changes are necessary, a fee of USD$20 will be applied per revision.

Cancellation Policy
This agreement between Alex Peters and client may be terminated at any time by any party. Cession of design processes will be actioned immediately upon order cancellation.
If client requests cancellation, they will remain liable for payments for scope of work done up until cancellation date and all designs will remain property of Alex Peters.

Refund Policy
Alex Peters will disburse refunds to client under the following conditions:
1. If full amount is paid in advance, the scope of work completed up until order cancellation date will be determined and its value retained by Alex Peters. The difference will be refunded.
2. If any payment is made in advance, a full refund will only be disbursed to client given that Alex Peters has not started any design drafts or sketches.
50% Down payment is non-refundable upon commencement of any design work.

The client holds full responsibility to provide accurate, proof-read information to be used in any project. Alex Peters will not be held responsible for any losses due to inaccurate information presented.

The client also guarantees that they own all files submitted to be used in any project or that all requisite copyright ownership/ wavering has been granted prior to its use in any project.

The client agrees to indemnify Alex Peters and any sub-contractors of any claims/ lawyer's fees arising from or related to any current  projects containing unauthorized media at the Client's request.
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